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We how have puppets and props available to hire for UK productions of Shrek the Musical. Below are some images and information of some of the items we currently have, but more are being added on a regular basis! We currently have:

- Dragon Puppet - Gingy Puppets - Exploding Bird Puppet - Travel Song Puppets - Freak Flag, along with various other props required for this show.


If you would like more information, for booking or enquiries of availability of these items please email us on the address below.
Shrek Dragon.jpg

Dragon Puppet

Full length - laid out from tip of nose to tip of tail max 6- 6.5m.
(Please note that whilst in use on stage it is unlikely it will ever be in this position)

Tail length in total is max 3- 3.5m - nose to bottom is 3m but both the tail and neck are fully flexible.

The maximum overall width of the entire dragon when the wings are closed is 1.1m. The maximum overall width of the entire dragon when the wings are fully open is approx


The overall maximum height will depend on the height of the individuals operating it, but can be lifted approximately 4 to 5ft above the head of the operators.

Eyes can blink, light up and change colour from red to green.

The mouth is also fully controllable to allow you to sync the movement to the performer’s dialogue.

The Dragon is operated by 4 strong Puppeteers (or if you prefer you can have an additional puppeteer on the tail making a total of 5 puppeteers)

Puppeteer 1 controls the head (mouth, eye blink, eye lights), 


Puppeteer 2 controls wings (open/close and flap),


Puppeteer 3 controls the body and supports puppeteer 2, 


Puppeteer 4 / 5 controls the tail with 2 rods

Gingy Puppets 


Gingy puppets come as a pair - 1 on a baking tray, and one with broken legs for the torture scene to affix to your scenic elements.

Both puppets have movable head & operational mouth that is operated in a similar style to a glove puppet. There is also a mechanism incorporated inside Gingy’s head that allows his eyebrows to move for extra expression.

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